What is Thetahealing?

Thetahealing is a gentle and very powerful energy healing technique that can resolve any issue you are holding to the core.  The healer uses the Theta-Mind State to facilitate the healing. With the healing unwanted or negative beliefs that cause problems or illness are removed. It is a wonderful, relaxing experience. The beliefs are tested before and after the healing with a Kinesiology process, so that both healer and client can verify the change.

Are You as Healthy As You Know You Can Be?
Are You In the Relationship of Your Dreams?
Do you have enough money?
If You Answered “NO” to any of these questions, then Thetahealing can help you.

What happens in a session?
Before your Theta Healing session, the only thing you really need to do is decide what it is about your life that you'd like to change.

Are you seeking better health? More prosperity? A loving and compatible partner? The practitioner will talk with you to discover the subconscious programs underlying the problems in your life.

You will then use muscle testing to determine which negative programs are in your subconscious. For example, if you are having a problem earning money, you may find that you muscle test true to the belief "I have to be poor to be Spiritual", which means that it is in your subconscious mind.

After the practitioner has used the Thetahealing technique to shift the program, you will muscle test it again to verify the changed belief.

It's a very powerful technique. 

Background of Thetahealing

In 1995 Vianna Stibal a Naturopath and  Intuitive Reader was diagnosed with cancer. Everything in medicine she tried, both conventional and alternative, failed. Then she discovered a simple technique that she used on herself. From this she experienced an instant healing which saved her life. Later she called it Thetahealing. 

Curious as to why this was working, she solicited the help of a physicist. He found out with an electrocephaleograph that the simple technique is tapping into Theta waves. 

Through thousands of clients it has been discovered that thetahealing can instantly change beliefs, feelings, emotions, traumas and any illness.

The Thetahealing technique effects change in the DNA at the core belief, genetic, history and soul levels. With growing scientific evidence that toxic emotion can contribute to disease, thetahelaing can clear the body, mind and Soul on the deepest level.

How many sessions will i need?
Naturally the number of sessions will vary from person to person depending on the problem.











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